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Textile production in Bangladesh - can that be fair?

Where our textiles are sewn - fair and sustainable.

Our textiles are sewn in Bangladesh, how fair and sustainable is that?

Yes - our textiles and the organic cotton used for them come to us in Europe from Bangladesh. We don't have to hide this fact and we don't have to be ashamed of it, because:

Fair and sustainable production is also carried out in Bangladesh - there is evidence of fair wages and no child labor in our production. This is not possible for fast fashion brands, otherwise the price tag and profit margin would be different.

And how about the Co2? Wouldn't production in Portugal be more sustainable?

That's only partly true - if textiles come to us in smaller quantities by truck, Portugal is a good alternative. However, given the amount of textiles, Bangladesh is the poorer Co2 variant, since we get more on a container ship than in a truck.

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